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Saturday, March 14, 2009

Pumps @ Vazac's

Vasac´s - USA

I was in this bar yesterday and how could I resist all that chrome.


Quase Blog da Li said...

Irresistível os cromados e todo o resto!
Um convite a cerveja!
Muito bom seu desenho.

Stephen Gardner said...

I don't speak Spanish but I thank you for leaving a comment and I will have someone translate for me.

Li said...

I do not speak English.
I'm from Brazil
I will translate the...
"Irresistible the chrome and all the rest!
A call for beer!
Very good its design."

Quase Blog da Li

Señor R said...

The chrome for a sketcher is like a flower for a bee...Irresistible!! jejejeje Great drawing :)

Stephen Gardner said...

Thanks for the translation, I'm having a good time with this site.

Claire M said...

These are so cool!! I've sent off the blog site to my 23 yr old son who makes his own beer and enjoys special beers in pubs etc. I wish I could get him to sketch one some time... What a neat idea to collect these here. I hope you get more submissions.